Plutus™ Foundation Impact Series

Credit Movement

January 2022

Each month in 2022, the Plutus Foundation Impact Series features select articles, podcast episodes, and videos from participating content creators, all around a central theme.
The theme for January is credit. Whether you’re building credit for the first time, working to rebuild a solid credit, or overcoming obstacles preventing you from having the same opportunities as others, the best solutions, advice, and stories from the Plutus Community will help you have an impact on your life.
“At the end of each year, I pre-fill my Time Diary for the upcoming year with activities I know I will be doing. This includes three entries for checking my credit report. I make three entries because I check each of the three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and Transunion), and I separate when I check each of them by four months…”
“As you may be aware, your credit score is kind of a big deal. A good score makes life easier, while a poor score can make it pretty difficult. Trouble is, a lot of people don’t realize what their credit score really is. Or how having a bad credit score can hurt them and even cost them thousands of dollars if not improved. Here’s what you’ll face if your score falls in the credit score range of very poor, poor, or even fair…”
“Maybe you’ve made some mistakes in the past or you prefer to use cash and need help building your credit history. Or maybe you’ve already got good credit but are shooting for a perfect credit score. Regardless of how high or low your credit score is, it never hurts to get it higher… Here are some simple tricks to help you improve your credit score without much effort…”
“Even though it’s nice to think that your small business credit is completely separate from your personal credit, the reality is that your personal credit does matter. One of the essential pieces of advice given to just about anyone who starts a home business — or any type of business — is that you need to try to keep business expenses and personal expenses separate…”
“If your family are anything like mine then as a kid you learnt that credit is bad. Something to be wary of. Used as a last resort… Very few things in life are always so black and white. There’s always exceptions, a few grey areas. And so in support of the Plutus Foundation monthly challenge for January, I thought I’d take a bit of a deeper dive on the topic…”
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