Plutus™ Foundation Impact Series

Fraud Prevention

July 2022

Each month in 2022, the Plutus Foundation Impact Series features select articles, podcast episodes, and videos from participating content creators, all around a central theme.
The theme for July is fraud prevention. As technology continues to develop, so do the ways that people will find creative ways to separate you from your money.
The more we can raise awareness of the ways that you can find yourself a victim, and the more we can help people determine what they need to look for when handling money, we hope we can help to reduce incidents of fraud.

The best solutions, advice, and stories from the Plutus Community will help you have an impact on your life.

“Being a victim of fraud can happen to anyone. When you least expect it, you may get a text message that your credit card has been used fraudulently. You might even log in to your bank account and notice that there are transactions that you didn’t make. You can take a few steps to protect yourself and your family from being victims of fraud.”
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