Plutus Foundation Impact Series

Entrepreneurship Movement

November 2022

Each month in 2022, the Plutus Foundation Impact Series features select articles, podcast episodes, and videos from participating content creators, all around a central theme.

The theme for November is the entrepreneurship movement. Some of us dream of the day we can own a business, but not sure where or how to start. Sometimes we talk ourselves out of a great idea because we are afraid of the “what if”.

Well, we can start the movement by answering these questions: Is it (still) a good time to start your own business and how do you weigh security of employer vs your own business?

The best solutions, advice, and stories from the Plutus Community will help you have an impact on your life.

“Are you on the fence about turning your side hustle into a thriving business? Venturing off to pursue your dream can be daunting, especially if you don’t know where to start or what pitfalls to avoid when venturing off as an entrepreneur. So, what’s one thing we should consider when deciding whether to be an employee or an entrepreneur? The following 11 business leaders and entrepreneurs offer the following factors you should consider if you’re interested in starting your own business.”

“Like anything else in life, you have to take an inspired leap of faith. Trust the process as it unfolds. Sure it can be nice to have a superior and be able to leave your worries at the office each night. Not to mention you can learn a lot of valuable skills from an overseer with more experience. However, if you have a desire in your heart to start a business, no amount of money, security, or comfort can silence it. This I know for sure!”

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