Brynne Conroy Advocates for the Oppressed [024]

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Sexual orientation, disability, racism — these are a few of the vast hurdles that affect individuals and the financial struggles they face navigating their world.

Through her experiences and interactions, Brynne Conroy has discovered the complexity of these issues and has given voice to them. She talks with Chris about her passion for understanding these systems and impacting those who are facing oppression.

  • How expecting a child affected her view of money and the resources to which she had access
  • The transition from blogging hobby to full-time business
  • Her view of financial skills for varying economic situations
  • How her book offers perspectives from savvy women navigating difficult systemic issues

About Brynne Conroy

Brynne Conroy is the owner and creator of Femme Frugality, a women’s finance blog which has been a Plutus Awards finalist for four years running. She is also the author of The Feminist Financial Handbook, which has been called “revolutionary” and “a unicorn among finance books.”

Her freelance writing has been featured in respected print and online publications where she looks beyond the dollars and cents to examine both the systemic and psychological flashpoints that determine the state of Americans’ finances.

In addition to her own writing, she serves as the coordinator of Personal Finance by Women, a benefit company that strives to amplify the voices and concerns of women in personal finance media. You can also find Femme Frugality on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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