13 Gen X Financial Bloggers You Don’t Want to Forget About

We joke a lot about how Gen X often gets overlooked. I know. I’m technically Gen X. Sometimes we get lost in the shuffle as the focus is put on baby boomers and millennials. And, next up, Gen Z.
If you’re wondering if there are any Gen X financial bloggers out there with great insights into the realities that you’re likely to face, the good news is that there are. Here are 13 Gen X financial bloggers you definitely don’t want to get lost in the shuffle.
Abigail Perry Headshot

Abigail Perry

While many of the Gen X financial bloggers on this list are involved with FIRE, I Pick Up Pennies is not a blog about that movement. Abigail writes with raw honesty, sharing the realities of managing finances and living frugally when you have chronic illness and disability. Her journey is one that can’t be missed, from the realities of trying to manage money with depression to divorce to dating during COVID.

Brian Brandow

Once in so much debt that he had to talk to his kids about forgoing ice cream, Brian’s journey out of debt is told on Debt Discipline. Read about the family’s journey to debt freedom as “regular” people who ended up in large amounts of debt.

Carl (and Mindy)

The bloggers behind 1500 Days chronicle their own financial freedom journey as a family. Since reaching their goals, they’ve been able to pursue passion projects, including real estate and other investments. In fact, they keep track of their investment portfolio and are transparent about their gains and net worth.

Deanna Broaddus

Formerly known as Ms. FIology, Deanna now focuses on Recovering Women Wealth. Deanna has an inspiring story about her recovery journey and how she got out of debt. She also writes from a place of faith that many women can identify with. Deanna also helps women find their own pathway to recovery and better finances.

Early Retirement Dude

Early Retirement Dude reached his FIRE goal at age 36. This guy takes a stand and pulls no punches, sometimes writing about issues that some would are controversial. He even strays into the area of what some might call “hot takes.” But it’s always an interesting read.

Joe Udo

With a goal to Retire By 40, Joe has achieved his goal and now works part-time in self-employment. He blogs a lot about being a stay at home dad, traveling, and getting the most out of life. He is also consistent about sharing his net worth updates and taking an empathetic approach to personal finance.


Blogging at Root of Good, Justin shares his journey to retiring from his day-to-day in 2013 at age 33. If you like reading detailed income reports and updates, this is a good blog to read. Justin details the income they receive each month and provides context for their finances. The archives, though, are ideal for getting more details on how Justin and his wife actually achieved FIRE.


For those who want practical tips on making the most of their money as a family, Savvy Family Finance is a solid choice. Rather than focusing on FIRE, this blog takes a look at how to manage your money so that you can enjoy life now. Laura is a mother of two who loves crafts and even passed the certification exam to be a financial planner. She’s been involved in an investment club and uses that expertise to teach others.


The writer behind Chief Mom Officer writes about money from the perspective of a working mom — whose husband is a stay-at-home dad. Liz writes about family finance from a perspective that we don’t often see these days. You can ready about her journey to get an MBA, grow her salary, and work on financial independence over the course of decades.

Mystery Money Man

An anonymous blogger working in the financial industry, Mystery Money Man writes about how families can achieve financial freedom even on a “normal” income. He writes about travel and single-income households and setting financial priorities that allow you to enjoy your life.


Known as Mr. Money Mustache, Pete is one of the most well-known Gen X financial bloggers. He’s famous for extreme frugality and tips for pinching every penny. Now that he’s retired, he spends a lot of time writing about health, frugality and how he’s teaching his son about money.

Tanja Hester

The blogger behind Our Next Life has written about her FIRE journey and is known for being a realistic FIRE blogger that focuses on how to take practical steps. Today, after reaching her own FIRE goal, Tanja writes a lot about using your time and money to advances causes that matter.

Women Who Money

Founded by Amy Blacklock and Vicki Cook, Women Who Money is an amazing resource aimed at helping women improve their finances. Many of the women involved in the project have Gen X credentials and there are many articles on the website that address concerns that those of us sandwiched between boomers and millennials can identify with.

There are doubtless many other Gen X financial bloggers out there. Share their websites in the comments!

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Joe · October 16, 2020 at 2:01 pm

Thanks for the mention! I hope you win. 😉

Ed · November 19, 2020 at 5:01 pm

Great list. I’m also firmly Gen X and it certainly informs how I’m approaching money. It makes sense that some of my favorites are on this list! Also a few new ones to check out.

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