Best Personal Finance Bloggers on Instagram You Don’t Know About

You probably never really thought about Instagram to go for personal finance education but it is a gold mine for it. Personal finance education itself as changed a lot too, to match our ever-changing world around us.

A $1,000 emergency fund is no longer cutting it. Healthcare costs, as well as health insurance costs, continue to rise every year. More and more people are leaving their 9 to 5 (or were laid off) and went to start their own businesses. We also had one hell of a year where more people are unemployed than ever.

We can see that in the new personal finance content that comes out on least expected platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

So, here are some of the best personal finance bloggers on Instagram you may not know about (and are kicking ass).

Savvy Girl Money

Savvy Girl Money is both a blogger and Youtuber who’s paid off $50k of debt. She is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and financial activist whose mission is to help millennials break generational habits when it comes to money. Savvy Girl Money is all about becoming “so financially secure that you forget it’s payday.”

Bravely Go

Bravely Go is a blog run by the wonderful Kara Perez (who also happens to be 1 half of The Fairer Cents). Bravely Go’s Instagram is a perfect mix of feminist economics and inclusive personal finance sprinkled with memes that are right on the nose, educational graphics, and an Instagram series that we don’t think enough people are talking about! 

The Budget Queen

The Budget Queen is doing something really amazing. She’s helped 500 women save over $10k and offers a budget worksheet for free to help you get there too. She also paid off $43k of credit card debt after working for a bank and then used that same knowledge to become a coach and now blogger. Her Instagram shows fun graphics about personal finance and reminders to stop holding yourself back.

Sharon Tseung

Sharon Tseung is the blogger, Youtuber, podcaster, and creator of Digital Nomad Quest. After working 8 years in marketing, she quit to travel the world for 2 years and built up 10 streams of passive income. Her Instagram includes posts about everything from earning your first $1 online to real estate investing.

Arrest Your Debt

Ryan Luke runs the blog Arrest Your Debt and has a pretty nifty Instagram to go with it. This police officer and dad of 3 helps others to “arrest their debt” and gives then the tools and knowledge in order to do that. He also has great content for teaching money management to kids, monthly giveaways, and tons of free resources on his blog.

Mixed Up Money

Alyssa is the creator of the blog and podcast, Mixed Up Money, where “we don’t preach frugality, we don’t expect you to be perfect, and we certainly realize that money isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.” Her Instagram showcases her digital illustrations with useful money tips and phrases included in them that gives you moments of light bulb realizations. If you aren’t following Mixed Up Money yet, you should.

My Life I Guess

Amanda is the creator of the blog, My Life I Guess, and posts on Instagram for every new post on her blog. She talks about everything from personal finance tips to surviving unemployment and has tons of free career and job search resources. My Life I Guess definitely makes some money situations in life seem a lot more relatable.

The Boujie Budgeter

Mykail James is “The Boujie Budgeter” and founder of, a website dedicated to helping Gen Z professionals finance their best lives. She teaches her followers/readers how to use their money as a voice to support organizations that support them and how to use money as a tool to build wealth. Her Instagram and blog are a breath of fresh air of legit money advice we could all use.

Winning to Wealth

Winning to Wealth is a YouTube, podcast, AND blog created by Taylor and Michael Lacy. Their mission is to help families pay off debt, save more money, and get started investing. They also reached an astounding goal of paying off $61k of debt in 16 months and are now debt-free. Definitely give this account a look!

Make Real Cents

Carmen is one of the most inspirational people on Instagram, in our opinion. She paid off $57k of debt in 2 years and 9 months, quit her six-figure job to code, and is now creating a budgeting app of her very own called She also runs the phenomenal blog Make Real Cents and her IG is a must follow.

Yo Quiero Dinero

Yo Quiero Dinero is a blog and podcast about personal finance for the modern Latina run by the lovely Jannese Torres-Rodriguez. Jannese’s mission is to destigmatize and normalize money through Yo Quiero Dinero and to “Make personal finance fun, relevant and relatable to underserved communities!”. Give her Instagram a look and set your notifications for her fun IG lives!

Literally Broke

Literally Broke is a blog and Instagram account all about helping creatives manage their money. Scarlett the creator is a playwright and creative herself who paid off 10k of credit card debt in 10 months. She has tons of free resources to help you with your money all over her Instagram and on her website.

Life at 23k

Mackenzie is a finance hacker and creator of the blog Life at 23k where she is documenting her journey of building wealth on a $23k/year salary. She is also working towards her accounting degree and becoming debt-free. Her no-nonsense approach to financial advice and the way she runs her Instagram is beyond inspiring.

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