8 Podcasting Conferences to Help Grow Your Podcast

Although there are many ways to strengthen your podcasting skills (blogs, podcasts, videos, courses, etc.), going to conferences is an effective way to learn, network, and build meaningful relationships in the podcasting industry. It also offers an opportunity to find new tools, services, guests, and develop partnerships with brands.

Whether you’re an aspiring podcaster looking to get started or a seasoned podcaster with many years of experience under your belt, here’s a list of the most popular podcasting conferences to attend. Some of the events are virtual or hybrid, but most are in-person.

Podfest Expo

Building a tight-knight podcasting community since 2013, Podfest is one of the largest podcasting conferences and is held annually in Orlando, Florida.

At Podfest, you can expect engaging speakers from varied backgrounds, exciting topics, and multiple tracks so you can customize your experience, including creation and launch, audience growth, and monetization.

Learn more about Podfest here.

Afros and Audio

Afros and Audio is a two-day podcast festival for and by Black podcasters and audio professionals. You can expect culturally relevant brands, vendors, and industry experts from all over the diaspora.

Their mission is to shift the conversation beyond diversity, inclusion, and limited resources and strategically transform the landscape of the podcast industry. In addition to their annual event held in New York City, Afros and Audio includes a podcast community network, and they frequently host discussions with community members on Instagram.

Learn more about Afros and Audio here.

She Podcasts Live

She Podcasts Live is the largest in-person conference for women and non-binary podcasters, audio content creators, and storytellers. In addition to the educational sessions focused on growing a podcast, you can expect lots of social interaction and self-care activities like morning yoga.

She Podcasts Live creates a safe space where you can stand up during a session and ask questions without feeling judged. Walk away from this conference feeling less alone in your podcasting journey.

She Podcasts Live founders Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar also co-host She Podcasts, a weekly podcast that shares insightful advice about all aspects of the podcasting industry.

Learn more about She Podcasts Live here.

Podcast Show Notes Summit

Hosted by Steve Stewart and Mark Deal of Podcast Editor Academy, Podcast Show Notes Summit tackles one of the biggest pain points for podcasters — show notes.

Co-founder Steve Stewart says, “The Show Notes Summit is for individuals and service providers who want to write better podcast episode show notes for themselves or their clients. Attendees will learn different ways to craft show notes, write blog posts with SEO (search engine optimization) juice, use various automation tools to make things easier, and make show notes more valuable to podcast listeners.”

Steve and Mark plan to leverage the best practices and lessons learned from the blogging industry to improve podcasting. The inaugural event will be held virtually on August 28, 2021.

Learn more about Podcast Show Notes Summit here.


Noting that podcasting is less of a sprint and more of a marathon, Podthon is an annual 2-day virtual podcasting summit created by WOC Podcasters and Asian American Podcasters Association.

Sharing insightful tips, strategies, and advice, Podthon highlights the expertise of People of Color (POC) in the podcasting industry. The summit offers POC+ podcasters a unique opportunity for speaker mentorship and a stage to share their knowledge and expertise.

Learn more about Podthon here.

Podcast Movement

With over 10,000 attendees joining over the last eight years, Podcast Movement (PM) is the largest podcasting conference in the world.

Taking place over three core days, PM features hundreds of workshops, panels, breakout sessions and offers ample opportunities to develop relationships with people in the industry. Unique topic-based tracks include brand and content marketing, international podcasting, and audio fiction.

Learn more about Podcast Movement.


FinCon is an annual digital marketing conference for personal finance content creators (podcasters, bloggers, YouTubers, freelancers) and brands to create better content and make more money.

Learn from peers and experts through keynotes, breakout sessions, and more. Don’t miss the exclusive networking opportunities and the expo hall where you can connect with brands looking to partner with creators. You can even set aside time for meeting with brand reps one-on-one.

Stay connected with the FinCon community throughout the year via a variety of themed Facebook groups, including FinCon Community, Podcast Network, and YouTubers Group.

Learn more about Fincon here.

DC Podfest

In the heart of our nation’s capital, DC Podfest is an intimate, multi-day event of workshops, networking, live recording sessions, social events, and more held in the Fall. Honoring new and diverse voices, you can expect both well-known speakers and new thought leaders gracing the stage.

Learn more about DC Podfest here.

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