15 Black Personal Finance Podcasts Improving Financial Literacy

Neither taught at school nor at home, many people learn about money on the fly through trial and error. While things are progressively changing for the better, money is still a taboo topic in many circles, so podcasts have become an invaluable resource. Through podcasts, learning to manage money and build wealth is available to anyone with an interest and willingness to tune in. Hearing honest conversations, inspiring stories, and learning how to make informed decisions can change your financial outlook. Whether you’re interested in investing, frugality, affording travel, obtaining financial independence, or managing finances as a couple, there’s a wealth of Black personal finance podcasts to follow for inspiration, motivation, and education. Here are 15 Black-owned personal finance podcasts to add to your rotation.

Personal Finance Podcasts By Black Hosts

1. The Purpose of Money

Sharing the stories of women on the journey of breaking free from the golden handcuffs, listen to The Purpose of Money by Acquania Escarne for financial tips and advice as you build generational wealth and create time freedom in your life.

Syndicated on The Purpose of Money, Acquania Escarne and Danielle Desir Corbett co-produced Millennial Wealth Builders, a recipient of The Plutus Foundation Grant in 2020.

Millennial Wealth Builders is a 12-part audio docuseries highlighting the incredible stories of Women of Color moving past obstacles and building wealth.

2. Money Talk With Tiff

Breaking down complex financial topics, tune in to Money Talk Talk With Tiff to get an inside look at the strategies Tiffany Grant, a money nerd, and financial coach, and her guests use daily to think about money, save, invest and give to charity. Tiffany believes the way out of poverty is through ideas. This podcast may spark your next big one.

3. The Investing Flavor

Sharing the variety of flavors found when investing, Kevin Matthews II from Building Bread and Andre Albritton from The Millennials Next Door tackle long-term investing, personal finance, the economy, real estate, and entrepreneurship. Tune in every Monday for the latest happening on Wall Street.

Listen to The Investing Flavor here.

4. Buy The Hood

Buy The Hood recognizes the importance of creating generational wealth while owning and improving Black communities. Shining a light on Black entrepreneurs and people doing the important work to improve our lives, learn how to protect your assets, build a business, invest in real estate, cryptocurrency, and more.

5. Minority Money

Dedicated to changing the complexion of wealth, on Minority Money, hear stories that will inspire you to live a healthy and wealthy life. Host, Emlen Miles-Mattingly, takes a comprehensive approach, covering topics like family, health and fitness, and education — all things that affect our overall wealth.

6. The Thought Card

The Thought Card by Danielle Desir Corbett empowers financially savvy travelers to make more informed financial decisions to travel more and build wealth. Hear inspiring stories from world travelers and get practical tips on how you can creatively use your hard-earned money to pay off debt, travel the world, become location independent, and live life on your terms.

7. Michelle is Money Hungry

Leading impactful financial conversations with empathy, on Michelle is Money Hungry, Michelle Jackson tackles financial topics that cover financial policy, equity, allyship, and social change. Whether you’re cleaning up your debt, working on investing aggressively, or want to spend money in ways that align with your personal beliefs and convictions, discover ways you can design your best life by bettering your finances.

8. Rich and Regular

Personal finance can be challenging to navigate and hard to understand, but on Rich and Regular, husband and wife Kiersten and Julien Saunders share that there’s a lot that you can do with your income, even if you aren’t rich or famous. From money management tips to understanding how the finance world affects our daily lives while sharing diverse perspectives around financial success, Kiersten and Julien make personal finance approachable, digestible, and entertaining.

9. Black Girl Budget

Take control of your finances and thrive with Black Girl Budget, a non-judgemental personal finance podcast that teaches Black women how to budget for today, set financial and guilt-free lifestyle goals, and enjoy the journey. From down-to-Earth budgeting tips to encouragement when paying off debt, Nicole Donnel goes beyond the numbers by incorporating introspection and self-reflection.

10. The BetterWallet

Marc Russel peels back the curtain by chatting with everyday people who have changed their lives after learning to manage their finances. On The BetterWallet, Marc explores the ups and downs people face throughout their financial journey as they beat the odds to find financial success.

11. Don’t Go Broke Trying

Want to talk about money, but in a fun way? To help listeners avoid costly mistakes, Reni of Don’t Go Broke Trying breaks down complex financial topics and shares simple strategies so you can take empowered action.

12. The Financial Griot

If you’re looking to build wealth, maintain it, or expand upon it, join three first-generation Haitian American millennials talking about wealth and health. Covering pop culture, life at home, work, and politics, Alainta Alcin, Lovely Merdelus, and Lawrence Delva-Gonzalez are normalizing money conversations, dispelling myths, and are open to providing solutions and sharing ideas that positively impact our journey towards happiness and wealth.

Listen to The Financial Griot here.

13. The Marcus Garett Show

The Marcus Garett Show explores what life looks like after debt. After paying over $30,000 of debt, Marcus Garett shares motivational conversations about debt management, multiplying your income, side hustles, and more.

14. The Money Exchange

On The Money Exchange, Patrina Dixon interviews a wide variety of knowledgeable guests about personal finance and entrepreneurship. Highlighting younger voices and older perspectives, explore different ways to develop professionally and personally.

15. Broke-ish

Broke-ish unpacks the unbelievable ish that America has done to Black people to keep us in a broke-ish state. Amber and Erika go beyond traditional financial literacy by candidly discussing money, wealth-building, and the financial urban legends that need to die.

What Black personal finance podcasts do you recommend listening to? Share your recommendations in the comments below.

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