All The Feels From The Teenpreneur Conference 2018

June is a month of many wonderful things. One of those things is the annual Teenpreneur Conference in Jacksonville, Florida. This year, the Plutus Foundation had the pleasure of both attending and sponsoring the conference.

Founded by Eva Baker of Teens Got Cents, The Teenpreneur Conference benefits teens who either have or want to start their own business. Through educational sessions and networking activities, teens leave with the tools to create and apply a solid business plan as well as grow their businesses.

The conference starts with an ice breaker designed to connect speakers and attendees. There’s no separation between them at the Teenpreneur Conference, and that’s a good thing. By getting rid of barriers, it creates an openness you don’t often find at a conference. 

But it’s not all games. Each day brings informational sessions from experts on a variety topics. This year’s speakers included Jordon Cox, who gave a moving keynote speech about his struggle to overcome disease, and Kayla Sloan, the $10K VA Queen. There’s no useless information. All the topics presented give the young business owners the tools they need to succeed.

This conference isn’t only for teens. Even parents benefit from attending! While their children learn how to grow their businesses, parents learn how to encourage their ambitious kids. They can also connect with other parents and participate in the games and activities. Parental involvement is a big part of the weekend.  

The weekend ends with a huge party for the teens and their families. Eva and her team, which includes her mom, Charlotte, recognize the importance of family in supporting their kids’ goals . So they celebrate that in a family event that captures the beauty of the conference.

This is not your typical conference. Rather than a boring corporate event, the Teenpreneur Conference feels like a weekend retreat where you not only learn how to succeed, you learn how to grow. 

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