10 Ways to Avoid Blogger Burnout During the Holidays

If you’re feeling burned out, you aren’t alone. Continuously producing valuable content, staying relevant to your audience, adapting to new algorithms, balancing your home life… it’s enough to make even the most seasoned blogger want to throw in the towel.

As we head into the holiday season, bloggers may feel overwhelmed and uninspired as we close out the year.

But you don’t have to just power through it. You can adjust your work habits, limit your commitments and make a promise to improve your mental health this holiday season.

Here are some ways to avoid blogger burnout during the holidays.

Reduce Your Content for the Holidays

To help avoid blogger burnout during the holidays, start by reducing the overall number of articles or posts you plan to produce. If you have a loyal following, prepare them for less content ahead of time. They’ll likely be busy with their own families and holiday stress, but it’s always nice to keep them informed so they don’t worry or lose interest. Plus, publicly stating that you’ll be working less increases the likelihood that you’ll keep that promise to yourself.

If you prefer to keep pace with your current content production, consider significantly reducing your word count. This will limit the time spent creating content. Your audience might not even notice that you’ve given yourself a bit of a break since you’ll still be popping up in their feed or inbox consistently.

Schedule Content in Advance

Use the weeks leading up to the holidays to create a bank of content that can be scheduled in advance.

You’ll need to log extra hours to provide yourself with a nice cushion of content. However, by scheduling content to post and be delivered automatically, you can ensure you’re still getting content in front of your audience during the holidays — while also giving yourself a much-needed vacation.

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Take a Complete Break

Content, content, content! That’s a blogger’s mantra if you want to stay relevant and provide useful information to your audience. But constantly churning out content can take a toll.

Give yourself permission to take a complete break to avoid blogger burnout during the holidays. Notify your audience or your clients that you’ll be taking several days or weeks off to recharge for the new year.

Then, actually spend that time away from your blogging. It might take some adjusting to break from hustling, but you can do it if you make it a priority!

Turn Off Social Media Notifications

If you’re trying to cut back on content or take a break completely, social media can be a major hurdle. You might see fellow bloggers ramping up their content for the holidays. This can make you feel “less than” and quickly make you question your decision to pull back on content.

So, turn off your social media notifications. Delete tempting mobile apps. Temporarily unfollow accounts that you know are going to push content that will trigger your need to work. Your social media platforms will be there when you’re ready to hit the ground running again.

Say ‘No’ During the Holidays

Whether it’s in your personal or professional life, saying ‘no’ can greatly reduce your stress and burnout during the holidays.

Say no to sponsored posts. Say no to last-minute client requests. Say no to any holiday activities you don’t feel up for. Just say no.

Make yourself and your family a priority if you’re feeling blogger burnout during the holidays.

Create Holiday Inspired Content

If you’re feeling burned out as a blogger, use the holidays to infuse some fun back into your work. Put a pause on dry blogging expectations (e.g. content engagement) and embrace the magic of the holiday season.

For those who run a financial blog, consider creating some content about DIY holiday decor on a budget. It’s still relevant to your audience and purpose, but you’ll also satisfy your inner creative.

No matter your niche, weaving holiday-inspired content into your blog can both feed your soul and give you a break from normal topics.

Focus on Previous Work

There’s no blogging rule that says you have to create new content during the holidays. Look through your previous blogs and social media content to see what you can easily repurpose.

Take an old blog and refresh it. Use a Facebook or Instagram live to pump out easy written content. Create a blog that features a roundup of your most popular articles or useful resources.

Repurposing is a great way to keep your audience engaged without the effort of creating brand new content.

Fill in Content Gaps by Partnering with Other Bloggers

Fill in content gaps during the holidays by leveraging your blogging network to your advantage. By partnering with or promoting other bloggers, you can reshare tons of valuable content with minimal effort.

Introduce your audience to other bloggers by linking to their content or talking about why you enjoy following them. Use guest posts on your blog or allow a fellow blogger to do an Instagram takeover.

Just make sure you always give credit to the creator and acknowledge their original work.

Ask Your Audience to Participate

You don’t have to be solely responsible for coming up with fresh, new ideas. Ask your readers or social media audience to weigh in on current topics or questions that they need guidance on. Let them do some of the heavy lifting during the holidays to help keep discussions alive and ideas flowing.

As an added bonus, you’ll have a bank of audience-driven topics to choose from for the upcoming year.

Use Your Platform to Give Back

If you’re feeling burned out, you’re likely feeling uninspired — like you’re just going through the motions. Reground yourself by choosing a cause to give back as a blogger during the holidays.

It’s easy to get tunnel vision and focus on the business aspects of blogging. But giving back to a vulnerable population or a worthy cause can help remind you of the importance of lifting others up, even when you’re feeling burned out.

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Use the Holidays as an Escape

Don’t let blogger burnout ruin the holidays and spill over into next year. Instead, use the holiday season to slow down and refocus your energy and efforts.

Take time for yourself. Implement business practices that protect your mental health. Give yourself a chance to rejuvenate and rediscover your passion for blogging.


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