What Should Go Into a Grant Proposal for the Plutus Foundation

It is almost grant submission time and we want you to be as prepared as possible to be considered for a Plutus Foundation grant. You can have the most exciting program upcoming but if you are not able to clearly state your vision and needs, it makes it difficult for us to award a grant to your program. We understand that a proposal is a large undertaking but submitting a complete and explicit one is an important part of the grant process. Here are the things you need to include in your grant proposal to make your project stand out.

When the grant submission periods are open twice a year, you can submit your proposal here.

Executive Summary

We read through every line of your proposal, but if we need to quickly recall what your project is about, a concise yet complete overview of your program is very helpful. Let us know at a glance who you are, what your program is about, what makes it a valuable cause, and your needs to make it successful. Also, let us know the expected outcomes of the program and the steps you will take to achieve them.

Statement of Relevance

Let us know about you, and/or your organization, and how your mission aligns with that of the Plutus Foundation. This statement ensures that you understand who we are as an organization, you are clear on our mission, and you are confident that we are the right organization to help you achieve your goals.

Target audience

As a foundation, we care about the different communities we are able to positively affect through our grantees. We need to know about the community you are impacting. Describe the people you are serving and the context of their needs. What are some of the issues they are facing that make your program invaluable? Including quantitative data that allows us to better understand the problems is extremely helpful here.

Program outline and structure

This will be the longest part of your proposal. Here are some questions to answer in detail to help us clearly understand your program:

  1. What do you hope to accomplish with your program?
  2. What methods will you use to accomplish your goals?
  3. How will you ensure your program will serve your target audience and produce results?
  4. How long will your project last? If it continues past the grant term, what are your plans for future sustainability?
  5. Who will participate in carrying out your program and what are their roles?
  6. Have you gotten/are you planning on getting other funding? Have you received any other contributions to aid in your program?
  7. What are the key activities for your program? Will you be providing resources to your audience past the length of the program?
  8. Are your program objectives consistent with your statement of need?

Deliverables and outcomes

What are the specific outcomes you hope to see at your program’s conclusion? Take this opportunity to clearly define these and tell us how you will measure the progress and success of the program. What quantitative data can you collect throughout your project that will be a helpful measure of its achievements?

Program budget

Let us know the expected costs of running your program and why you are asking for those specific amounts. It is also helpful if you explain why these costs are reasonable, necessary, and important for your project.

There are certain items that are not allowable expenses under the terms of the grant, such as: staff salaries including but not limited to virtual assistants, website designers, and consultants; entertainment expenses including meals and alcohol; membership in professional organizations, and; more than 50% of travel and transportation costs.

Please contact Sherrian Crumbley if you have any questions regarding specific expenses in preparing your budget.

Accomplishments and Recognition (for existing programs)

If you are applying for a grant for an existing program, we would love to hear about any previous achievements, awards, national, or local media mentions.

Project Manager Information

Let us know the person that will be managing the grant and include their completed biography. Please include an email address and any other relevant contact information. Headshots and relevant program pictures, if applicable, should also be added.

We look forward to reading your grant proposal and learning about the great work you are doing in the personal finance space.

Let us know by applying for a grant during one of our open submission periods.

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