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5 Things I’ve Learned About Financial Abuse

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. One key component of domestic abuse is financial domestic abuse: an individual uses money or other financial means as a tool to gain power over someone.

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Financial Infidelity and Financial Abuse: How They’re Linked

It’s not easy to leave an abusive relationship. Among other variables, there’s the issue of money. And since 99% of domestic violence cases involve financial abuse, that makes it even more difficult. Because without money, there’s no freedom or power.

Financial Literacy

Financial Abuse: One Survivor’s Story

As part of our series on financial abuse, we’re sharing a story from someone who’s survived it. For her safety and privacy, we’re publishing it anonymously. Are you experiencing financial abuse?

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Financial Literacy

Elder Financial Exploitation and Abuse: More Than Scams

Financial exploitation is defined as the illegal or improper use of a vulnerable or elderly person’s property, funds, and assets. This can look like stealing property, forging signatures on checks, cashing checks without permission, or using money to control the individual in their care.

Make the Biggest Impact: Financial Independence and Women

Make the Biggest Impact Financial Independenceand Women Skip ahead to registration To continue our 2019 tour after successful events in New York, Phoenix, and Los Angles, we are bringing members of the financial media and the local community together in Denver to talk about how writing, blogging, and podcasting can

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Plutus Awards Showcase

Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: May 15, 2020

Here is our curated collection of the best financial articles and content for May 15, 2020 including selections from My Fab Finance, The Financial Diet, Jessica Moorhouse, CentSai – Melanie Lockert, and Eat, Drink, and Save Money.

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