10 Best Personal Finance Blogs in 2021

It wasn’t school that ever taught me the basics of personal finance, it was the internet. More specifically, it was personal finance blogs.

Personal finance blogs helped my family and I navigate our finances, learn financial literacy, and even help us earn more, both at our jobs and outside of those jobs.

When you are trying to get your money right, save for a big goal, or even aim for something like financial independence in your future, money blogs have a wealth of resources. Most of the time, these resources are completely free.

The Best Personal Finance Blogs in 2021

When you are thinking about what makes a money blog great, it comes down to three key things:

Is it non-judgemental and anti-shame advice? This makes sure that you aren’t being manipulated and what you are reading isn’t to fulfill their bottom line, but your bottom line.

Is it easy to read and understand? This ensures your ability to easily follow the information they give you and take action quicker.

Does it include several different perspectives? The more perspectives added with different writers, writers of color, queer writers, etc makes sure your experience is being accurately represented. When you read information and advice from people who are like you, it makes it more relatable and achievable.

Now, let’s get into the best personal finance blogs of 2021 that accurately represent all three key elements.

Rich & Regular

Kiersten and Julien created Rich & Regular to inspire better conversations about money. They paid of $200,000 of debt in just 5 years after their first conversation and argument about money in 2012. Then they found the FIRE (financial independence retire early) movement that changed everything for them.

On the Rich & Regular blog, you will find topics like how to have conversations about money, real estate investing, financial independence, entrepreneurship, and more.

Check out Rich & Regular here.

Bitches Get Riches

Jess and Lauren (a.k.a. Piggy and Kitty) are the masterminds and head bitches in charge behind Bitches Get Riches, a one of a kind financial blog completely backed and supported by their readers. Their readers will often choose the article topics from their Patreon, and you can expect to see topics that range from salary negotiation and talking to your boss, to how to prepare for taxes, and financial lessons from interesting perspectives such as their article on financial lessons learned from a night in the ER.

Check out Bitches Get Riches here.

Afford Anything

Afford Anything was created by Paula Pant and revolves around the idea: “You can afford anything, but not everything”. This idea is not only true for money but your time and energy too which is what is unique about this personal finance blog. Paula does a perfect job of breaking down ideas about money in an entertaining and digestible format.

On the Afford Anything blog, you will find topics about investing, productivity, retirement, and more.

Check out Afford Anything here.

A Purple Life

A Purple Life is anonymously run by Purple, who after realizing at the age of 25 that traditional retirement wasn’t for her. She set out to retired early at the age of 35 and actually ended up reaching her goal by 30 and retired this past September.

Purple’s story and blog are incredibly inspiring as her writing is easy to read, funny, and educational. She didn’t reach her early retirement number with any side hustling either and shows her exact numbers and how she got there.

On A Purple Life Blog, you can read articles about salary negotiation, early retirement, travel hacking, and more.

Check out A Purple Life here.

Debt Free Guys

David and John are the creators of The Debt Free Guys and husbands who live by the motto – “Live Fabulously, Not Fabulously Broke”. After paying off over $50,000 of credit card debt between the two of them, they use their personal and professional experiences with money to help other queer people with money.

Topics you can find on The Debt Free Guys blog are how to pay off credit card debt, entrepreneurship, saving, and investing.

Check out The Debt Free Guys here.

Making Sense of Cents

Michelle is the creator behind Making Sense of Cents who after being able to pay off over $30,000 of student debt, was eventually able to leave her day job to work solely on her blog. She then went on to travel full time from her RV and now she lives on a sailboat.

On her blog, you can find topics that range from paying off debt, savvy savings strategies, cheap travel ideas, entrepreneurship tips, how to start a blog, and more.

Check out Making Sense of Cents here.

Clever Girl Finance

Clever Girl Finance was founded by Bola Sokunbi as a mission-driven financial empowerment platform aimed at providing women with the right products and services as well as financial guidance. What stands out about Clever Girl Finance is all of their products are resources are completely free on their site.

In addition to an array of financial topics on their blog, they also have completely free courses, books, worksheets, community coaching replays, and more.

On the Clever Girl Finance blog, you can find topics that range from budgeting tips, how to save money, self help, career advice, investing, and more.

Check out Clever Girl Finance here.

Broke Millennial

Broke Millennial was created by Erin Lowry to help others get their financial life together, with no preaching and finger-wagging included. Erin is also a 3 time published author with her Broke Millennial book series, available for purchase through her site.

On the Broke Millennial blog, you can expect to read articles on topics like budget strategies, how to talk about money in your relationships, investing, and more.

Check out Broke Millennial here.

Money After Graduation

Money After Graduation was created by Bridget Casey who was also one of Alberta’s Top Young Innovators in 2016. Money After Graduation is one of Canada’s most recognizable finance brands but helps people in both The United States and Canada as an online financial literacy resource for young professionals to build long-term wealth.

On the Money After Graduation blog, you can find articles about topics like saving, paying off debt, investing, retirement, and more.

Check out Money After Graduation here.

The Financial Diet

The FInancial Diet was founded by Chelsea Fagan back in 2014 as a personal blog to help track her budget. Seven years later, it has become a cross-platform media company helping young women talk about money.

Between their blog, YouTube, and social media, their community is very involved which is what makes this resource so unique. Their own readers submit articles to the site so you can read real-life stories about money.

On The Financial Diet blog, you can read articles on topics ranging from money management to budgeting, living with intention, career & education, and more.

Check out The Financial Diet here.

Using These Best Personal Finance Blogs to Reach Your Money Goals

When you are first getting started with your own personal financial journey, you don’t have to necessarily use all of these websites and blogs mentioned.

Click through to each one, read some of their content, and decide which one resonates best with you and your life experience. Not every blog is for everyone, which is why you have to see and try them out for yourself.

Personally, I like a mixture of these and have been able to take pieces of advice from each and apply them to my own life.

I may secretly hold a favorite or two in my head but – Which one is your favorite?

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