10 Best Personal Finance Podcasts in 2021

Did you know 51% of American’s above the age of 12 have listened to a podcast at least once in their lives?

It’s no wonder due the convenience of listening to a podcast.

I love consuming educational content online from personal finance blogs and books to help level up my financial situation but podcasts are just as useful of a financial education tool (if not more). In a world where it is hard to hold our attention and engagement, podcasts can be a wonderful dose of authenticity that hits differently than a blog post.

Plus, most of us are strapped on time these days.

Between school, work, kids, pets, side hustles, your social life, doctor appointments, or just trying to find the time to go to the grocery store, there never seems to be enough time.

That’s why I love podcasts and specifically, personal finance podcasts. I am able to listen to podcasts and learn while also getting work done, doing things around the house, or on a commute, and they keep me inspired about my financial future as I go through day-to-day life.

The Best Personal Finance Podcasts in 2021

There are a couple of questions that I ask myself when I am looking for a podcast to listen to:

  • Are they entertaining and engaging while also being educational?
  • Do they host interesting guests?
  • Do they question the status quo?

I think these same elements apply to what makes a podcast great.

Yo Quiero Dinero Podcast

Jannese Torres-Rodriguez is the creator and host of the Yo Quiero Dinero, a podcast on a mission to start a financial literacy revolution for the Latinx community. After Jannese left a job she hated, she started a blog from her passion for cooking. That blog sparked what is today a six-figure network of side hustles and passive income streams Jannese built from the ground up.

Yo Quiero Dinero covers a range of topics including entrepreneurship, investing, building wealth, and mindset through guests that come on the podcast and solo episodes.

Listen to Yo Quiero Dinero.

Journey to Launch

Journey to Launch was created in 2016 by Jamila Souffrant to track her journey towards financial independence. After one year of logging her growth, her platform evolved into the creation of the podcast that opens you up to a universe where you can realize what’s possible for you to reach financial independence.

With over 2 million downloads, Journey To Launch covers topics and interviews on paying off debt, saving more money, increasing your net worth, and all the possible ways that you can forge your own path to financial independence and freedom.

Listen to Journey to Launch.

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Bad With Money

Gaby Dunn is the host of Bad With Money where she uses humor and an unapologetic approach to the intersection of finances, feelings, and the system. It is one of the most fun and educational podcasts I have ever come across that talks about topics that you don’t see being talked about that in-depth.

Some topics you can expect to see on Bad With Money include Covid & money, what it would really take to cancel all student loan debt, how reparations would work with a real-world economist, answering financial therapy questions, and more.

Listen to Bad with Money

Oh My Dollar!

Oh My Dollar is a podcast and online forum hosted and run by Lillian Karabaic. Oh My Dollar’s mission is to help you find the intersection of your values and money to form clear goals for your personal priorities.

On Oh My Dollar, you can expect to listen to episodes on topics like freelancing, paying off debt, budgeting, health insurance, and taxes. The podcast also has an active community on it’s forum and with Lillian’s book, A Cat’s Guide to Money.

Listen to Oh My Dollar

Beyond the Dollar

Beyond The Dollar is hosted by Sarah Li Cain and dives into deep and honest conversations about money and how it affects our well-being. Beyond The Dollar’s main goal is to create a space where both the good side and bad side to us and our money gets a seat in the discussion, including everything from wins, failures, the happy moments, and the shameful ones too.

On Beyond The Dollar, you’ll find episodes on topics such as addiction, breaking cycles, societal expectations, workplace harassment, and more topics that focus on our relationship with money.

Listen to Beyond the Dollar

Brown Ambition

Brown Ambition is hosted by Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche and Mandi Woodruff. Tiffany has been a financial educator since 2008 through the Budgetnista and her community of over 500,000 women and Mandi has been reporting on finance and business for more than seven years, having worked for LendingTree and Yahoo Finance.

Brown Ambition discusses real-world scenarios like what if you get promoted without a raise, mortgage questions you haven’t heard, paying off debt on a fixed income, and more.

Listen to Brown Ambition

Fairer Cents

The Fairer Cents is a podcast hosted by Kara Perez of Bravely Go and Tanja Hester, author of Work Optional and creator of Our Next Life. Together they are your feminist best friends shining a light on money issues specific to women while inspiring you to take down the patriarchy.

You won’t find any old usual story on this podcast but instead stories from amazing and powerful women and their unique money stories. The podcast covers both finance and economics and includes discussions on the wage gap, emotional labor, and more.

Listen to Fairer Cents

Queer Money

Queer Money was created by David and John of The Debt Free Guys who teach you how to live fabulously without being fabulously broke. Queer Money is also the only show dedicated to how money and our lives intersect within the queer community.

The podcast includes both interviews with other creators, business owners, and experts as well as solo episodes on topics like what to do with a 401k, real estate investing, how gay parents can teach their kids about money, and more.

Listen to Queer Money

Popcorn Finance

Popcorn Finance is a podcast hosted by Chris who is a financial analyst by day and podcast host by night. The whole idea behind Popcorn Finance is that it will help you understand your own personal finances in less time than it takes to pop a bag of popcorn.

Seriously, I have yet to find an episode over 16 minutes long which is exactly my style. You can expect to see episodes on topics like respecting money boundaries, why is it so hard to buy a tiny house, how to share your salary with your coworkers, and more.

Listen to Popcorn Finance

Money Nerds

Money Nerds is a podcast all about being a money nerd, with the head money nerd in charge – Whitney Hanson. Whitney is a personal finance coach, entrepreneur, furniture flipper, and huge money nerd.

Money Nerds talks about financial topics like going from welfare to millionaire, designing your ideal future, side hustles, financial jealousy, and more.

Listen to Money Nerds

Conclusion: Personal Finance Podcasts Might Be The Perfect Financial Literacy Tool

There seems to be more and more podcasts each and every day.

When I go to Spotify, I am seeing suggestions for new shows I never knew existed and it only gets me more excited for this sort of financial revolution we are in. Financial literacy is being normalized for the general public and that is a step in the right direction.

As you seek out financial education to boost your financial literacy, podcasts can be such a great tool to utilize.

Like we said earlier – time is slim these days so the more convenient the content, the better.

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