When you first enter the blogging world, it feels like MySpace in 2007.

Not literally but there is a strange sense of familiarity at first. You see all of these other blogs that inspire you to create your own. You are mesmerized by the themes you see on other WordPress powered sites and try to find those that will make you stand out like them.

You create relationships online with other bloggers like this sort of extended social media network. It resembles the feeling of peak MySpace days when we got to edit the html on our MySpace profiles – a right we will never get again with a social media platform.

However, unlike MySpace, the world of blogging has exploded and expanded. The work that it takes to set up a blog, deal with the technical and creative aspects, research your audience and content, develop your content strategy, manage social media, email marketing, etc, its exactly as it sounds – exhausting.

You can’t do it alone. No one can.

Why You Need a Blogging Mentor

When I first started my own blog, the last thing I wanted to do was to be vulnerable and let anyone into this top-secret project I’d started. It was all so new to me and I wasn’t ready to give up any of that control.

Little did I know that getting help from someone like a blogging mentor would have been key to my blog inception and growth.

A blogging mentor is a trusted teacher and mentor to help you reach your blogging goals. They can be anyone who has been blogging longer than you or has been working in the blogosphere for an extended period of time.

Blogging mentors can be instrumental to your blogging success because they can guide you through tools to use to make your life easier, strategies for growth to hit your goals, use their past experiences as examples, and give you a level up in a shorter amount of time rather than you having to figure it all out on your own.

Let’s be honest, no one is really self-made. We are made by those who came before us, those who help us, and those we affect.

How to Find a Blogging Mentor

It is important that you know that you can get a blogging mentor at any stage in your blogging journey. Whether you are a completely new blogger or a seasoned blogger looking to break a plateau, you will likely benefit from the guidance and support of a mentor.

But finding one can be quite a task, especially when you are trying to find one that you resonate with.

I suggest you first start with your inner circle of blogging friends. Maybe there is a circle of bloggers you talk to regularly on Twitter, Instagram, or in Facebook groups and other communities – ask them if they work with a mentor or if there is anyone they’ve heard of.

Search on Facebook for the following keywords and filter on “Groups” to find blogging mentorship and coaching-related groups to find a blogging mentor in:

  • “Blogging Mentor”
  • “Blogging Mentorship”
  • “Blog Coach”
  • “Blogging Mastermind”
  • “Blogging”

If there are other seasoned bloggers you follow online and admire, see if they offer any blogger mentoring or coaching programs. Many bloggers do 1 on 1 and group blogging mentorship and coaching programs.

You can also search for the words “Blog Coach” or “Blog Mentor” on any social media platform or Google to see the different options of coaches that are out there. You can even search by niche – for example: “Finance blog mentor” or “Travel blog mentor”.

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Choosing the Right Blogging Mentor for You

It is no secret that there are hundreds of different bloggers out there but you shouldn’t work with the first person you come across.

Your blog mentor should be someone you get along with well and feel comfortable to fully express yourself. They should also be someone who has done the things that you want to do. They don’t have to necessarily be within the same blogging niche but it does help if it is in close proximity,

Once you identify a couple of mentors you want to work with, start reaching out to see if they are available.

How to Reach Out

You can actually reach out to blogging mentors and put each one through a sort of interview process. Many blog mentors will have applications for their services or packages to make sure you are a right fit and once they respond to you, you should also ask any questions you have for them for how they are a good fit for you.

If they don’t have an application or any clear way to initiate a discussion for mentorship, go to their contact page. Email them introducing who you are, how you found them, and that you’re interested in blogging mentorship. You can also include some brief introductory information about your blog but don’t go into too much detail as they will ask for any specifics they need about working with you and your blog.

Once you start talking 1 on 1 with a couple of mentors, you will have an idea of who you gravitate towards.

Grow With a Blogging Mentor

A blogging mentor is an essential tool for any blogger. Just like you would get a career mentor, a blog mentor works in similar ways.

They can help you learn something that might’ve taken a year or an entire course. They can also help trigger your next breakthrough or point out when something might not be working and you have to change course.

Blogging mentors can also be an important part of your support system as an online independent creative – something that I don’t think is talked about enough.

After enough time with a mentor, who knows – the student might become the teacher.

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