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Plutus Awards Podcast - Shannon McLay Featured Image
Plutus Awards Podcast

Shannon McLay Raises Funds to Build Her Dream [046]

Once Shannon McLay had the idea for the Financial Gym, she needed to find investors that would support her vision. Miranda Marquit speaks with Shannon about the business acumen it took to get her company going and the strategic moves she is making because of the pandemic.

Plutus Awards Podcast Jeff Rose Featured Image
Plutus Awards Podcast

Jeff Rose Succeeds By Pivoting Into Creating Videos [044]

Miranda Marquit speaks with Jeff Rose about his shift into video after being a successful blogger. He shares what prompted his move to video and the lessons he has learned to hone his craft as a video content creator.

Plutus Awards Podcast Childcare and Education Crisis Featured Image
Plutus Awards Podcast

Survive the Childcare and Education Crisis of 2020 [043]

Sarah Potter is joined by Miranda Marquit, Wilson Muscadin, and Rebecca G. Neale to talk about the childcare and education crisis due to COVID-19. They share how they and their children are being affected and the tools they are using to navigate these times.

Plutus Awards Podcast - Wendy Mays Featured Image
Plutus Awards Podcast

Wendy Mays Navigates the Real Estate Market [039]

Wendy Mays shares her real estate experience with us about the current housing climate. Is it a good time to buy? Or sell? For first-time homebuyers as well as seasoned investors, here’s how to navigate the real estate market today.

Plutus Awards Podcast Lillian Karabaic Sandy Smith
Plutus Awards Podcast

Unemployment Benefits During the Pandemic [037]

Harlan Landes sits with Sandy Smith and Lillian Karabaic to discuss all your burning unemployment questions. They unravel some of the confusion about what to apply for, who is eligible, and the additional benefits due to COVID-19.

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